a game for the K desktop environement

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Katchit is a strategy/action game where you have to reach a goal (the Linux penguin) without being caught by the spinning enemies.

Katchit uses the sprite library QwSpriteField that can be found here.

Special thanks to its author Warwick Allison .

To download the game in tar gzipped source form click here : katchit-1.2.tgz

To download the game in source rpm form click here : katchit-1.2-1.src.rpm

To download the game in binary rpm form click here : katchit-1.2-1.i586.rpm

Be careful : before the install of a binary package,  have a look to how KDEDIR is set : you may need to use the option
'--relocate /opt/kde=/usr' ou 'relocate /usr=/opt/kde' of rpm.
So, if you plan to install the binary RPM version of katchit, you should do, as root,

# rpm --relocate /usr=/opt/kde katchit-*i386.rpm

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